A&M Library


In Hannover a&m stores a library, which allows easy access to materials and documents around aids & mobility. Interested students and researchers can view the materials during office hours (the EMZ opens at 9:00 hrs and closes at 17:00 hrs, Mo-Fr) and upon special research request also during weekends. Please, send an email to make arrangements for your visit to: info(at)aidsmobility.org.


Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V.
Königstraße 6
30175 Hannover
Tel. 0511/168-41020
Fax 0511/457215
Email: ethno(at)onlinehome.de

Online archive and virtual access

a&m built a website until 2006, which contains the most relevant documents of previous project periods. We continue to host the AIDS & Mobility Europe website - until it has become fully transfered. In this process a&m works with AIDS Action Europe to contribute these documents to the Paneuropean Clearing House on HIV/AIDS (http://www.aidsactioneurope.org/index.php?id=6). If you want to enter the historical website and look for information you can do so in our archive online.

Ordering copies and documents

You can order hard copies of most materials published by a&m. We suggest to you, however, to make use of those sources available online as much as possible.