Mobility, Sexuality and Health

A book is a good start to learn more about the different facets of human behaviour without having to travel or do your own research. Migration and mobility newly prove to be such diverse topics that one individual traveller or researcher may be unable to grasp them.

UNAIDS Epidemic Update

In the latest report on the AIDS pandemic UNAIDS has taken another recount of the losses faced and challenges addressed in the global response to HIV in 2008. The number of people living with HIV worldwide continued to grow in 2008, reaching an estimated 33.4 million [31.1 million–35.8 million]. The total number of people living with the virus in 2008 was more than 20% higher than the number in 2000, and the prevalence was roughly threefold higher than in 1990. In North America and in Western and Central Europe, national epidemics are concentrated among key populations at higher risk, especially men who have sex with men, injecting drug users and immigrants.

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